Skin protects your body from the harsh elements of nature. And when the time comes to care for your skin in return, you really need to do your part or else you will be paying the toll with sagging, wrinkling, dry and patchy skin in the coming years.

Daily skin care refers to washing, cleansing, and moisturizing. The average woman puts some sort of makeup on her skin before going out in the world each day. And a daily skin care routine keeps her skin healthy and moist.

How to care for the skin daily

Practice this every day! Before going to bed, remove the makeup from the skin with a good make-up remover. After removing the makeup, the skin must be cleansed well. This does not mean being rough with it. Don’t scrub it every day, or else you will damage the skin and the natural protective epithelial tissue layer on top would be jeopardized. You must be gentle with your skin.

With small circular motions, the skin should be cleansed on the face and neck with a mild face wash. You may use a skin cleanser to remove the dirt from deep within. This will also remove the chemicals and grease etc, all collected on the skin throughout the day.

Finally, moisturizing is incredibly important. The skin’s natural oils are washed with the cleansing process, and when the skin naturally dries in the air it gets dry. So, to protect the skin, and lock in moisture after every wash.

Moisturizers are available for all skin types like dry, oily, and combination skin, So, be sure to pick the correct lotion for your skin type. One light coating of moisturizer is all you need. With a good healthy diet, proper exercise and the right amount of sleep, your skin will be able to heal itself and remain healthy and keep that soft smooth feel you love.